Nicoline and the rebirth of the surreal


Talking to Nicoline means you leave your preconceptions about art and norms at the door. When we first approached Nicoline Rodriguez, her first question was what we understood by art – and what resulted was a two hour long conversation into transcending expectations and challenging the obvious.

To speak more about her art all one needs to know is about her time at art school in Bangalore, where she spent most of her time challenging the opinions of her teachers and creating pieces that would make viewers take a minute to understand why it would grind against the grain. Nicoline is obsessed with ideas that make people recoil but wonder why it caused the reaction in the first place.

Take Nicoline’s first collaboration with ArtBlot, the metamorphosis series, an idea that crawled out of the deepest recesses of her mind while she listened to the band Tool. Nicoline illustrated her metamorphosis series in one of her happiest and most nourishing mind frames, but show it to the world and most people would get a wild dose of the uncanny valley syndrome.

They think my art is odd and dark and sometimes it gets frustrating trying to tell them that my art is more about possibilities than absolute reality – Nicoline on one of her rants.

But that is exactly what we love about her work here at ArtBlot, we think that the purpose of art is to push the boundaries of your imagination, it is to be able to take the ordinary and the familiar and turn it into something magical and unique. Our journey with Nicole has just begun, and we’re excited to walk down this jabberwocky world of strangeness with her and rediscover the true meaning of surrealism and the unfamiliar. So if you’re looking for quirky psychedelic t-shirts with graphic prints that are seamlessly imprinted for the perfect comfort-fit – you’re in the right place.

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