Mandala World and Soul Stir Art


Art, as we know, has more to it than what meets the eye. An artist who paints the galaxy isn’t just illustrating the milky way and its stars. His rendition of the galaxy talks about the infinite space that exists beyond our world, dwelling deep into the ideologies of co-existence with time and space. The journey of art from inception to creation travels through the tunnels of time and space, finds its true meaning and is then brought to life on canvas by a gifted being. It is this journey through an artist’s thought process and his ideologies than gives birth to the phenomenon called art.

Engraved in the sands of time are art forms like the Mandala design which holds within its pattern the meaning of galaxies way beyond.

What is a Mandala?

As per early Hindu and Buddhist text,

A Mandala is a symbol of a universe with a deeper meaning. It is a representation of a complex universe with different parts signifying different teachings one should adopt in life.

The intricate designing of a Mandala and the circular shape indicate the complexity of the universe and the timelessness of time respectively. This form of art allows you to isolate your mind space and enter into a zone where nothing but you and your thoughts exist.

This journey of art from inception to uninterrupted tranquillity is what SoulStir Art presents. The symmetricity of the mandala allows you to gain focus and meditate. But Aditya Kishore the primary artist at SoulStir Art finds a meditating calm whilst creating such art.

Mandala Design:

The mandala’s design is supposed to be appealing in nature so as to attract the attention of the mind. But the attention alone isn’t its sole purpose. The bigger goal is to retain the attention through carefully put together shapes and figures. This allows the mind to wander around trying to find meaning, just as in, we wander around in life.

This design shuts down the work mind and allows the creative mind to run free bringing in thoughts and ideas from within. The circular structure also represents, as per Hindu and Buddhist text that life is never-ending. But what’s intuitive about the mandala though is what is in the centre.

The Working of  Mandala Art:

The symmetricity of the design doesn’t just make it look more ornate but has a hidden significance. In almost all mandalas the centre is left untouched, leaving a blank space within. In ancient Buddhist text, this is said to refer to the centre of the universe wherein nothing but space exists.

But what is more interesting is, this also allows meditators to focus at a central point. While the creative mind wanders, the work mind reigns it in with mundane thoughts and ideas, this is when you bring your focus back home and start your adventure from the beginning again, admiring the creative art and complex design. The circle also represents the circles of life consisting of friends, family, and communities.

The Purpose of A Mandala Art:

The primary purpose of mandala art is to architect mindfulness. Mandala art is designed in such a way as to absorb irritating thoughts and invoke a sense of involvement. What a mandala achieves is a union of the senses. This allows the mind to switch off for a while as you embark on a journey beyond what you know. It is necessary that we empower our minds with the ability to take a break and wander.

Mandala art offers the mind a breakaway from the bustling world around. Where the mind is asked to stop thinking and start exploring.

The SoulStir Art Story:

The language that an artwork speaks is in most cases the story of the artist himself. Art is a medium of expression. To bring something as abstract as an experience or emotion on paper is not an easy task to do. But Aditya expresses himself and his experiences of his life through his artwork. Music and art are often known to be siblings for their creative characteristics. The combination of these two forms of creativity is what brings about great masterpieces.

Aditya who is a drummer and a DJ recognizes music and art as his tools to escape a boring world. Whether it visualizing his thoughts and ideas through mandalas or playing a beat to convey his emotions, he sure does have a unique way of expression.

The colours, shadows, and harmonies convey a message that is to be decoded by the observer or listener. A story told through art and music will evoke more emotions than that written in word. Of course, to convey theories and ideas the written word is perfect but only art can “connect to us”  and music can “move us”.

SoulStir Art does right by its name by producing work that truly stirs the soul. Our collaboration with Soul Stir Art includes graphic t-shirts, mandala t-shirts for men, silhouetted graphic t-shirts for women, as well as a whole bunch of other soul-stirring pieces of art.