CopyCat – Creating his own unique style


In a world filled with 7.7 billion people, how do you differentiate yourself?

To differentiate yourself from the crowd you need to be someone no else is, but the challenge is discovering a personality that you’ve never seen or experienced. The challenge is to become you without letting the world influence your character. We often mirror the characteristics of someone we admire almost like a copycat.

A copycat exists because everything has been done before him and all he can do is replicate. But not this Copycat, Mayur Nandha aka Copycat is an artist who is fueled by the monotony that exists within this world. He wishes to break through the shackles of this boredom and create art that is quirky, fun and has a meaning to it. With hand drawn illustrated graphic t-shirts that are bound to submerge you into a world of casual comfort, we bring you an artist like no other.

Being unique is often associated with being extraordinary or remarkable or special, but being unique is not that tough an ask. Peculiarity can be found in many forms, it may exist within one’s distinctive perception of an otherwise ordinary matter or one’s beliefs and levels of creativity.  Your beliefs about yourself, other people, the world, what’s right and wrong, and everything else is never – in a million years – going to match up to someone else’s beliefs perfectly.

The Art Of Uniqueness :

Being different is artful because, in a room filled with bare white paintings, you chose to be a psychedelic artform with contrasting colors and trippy designs, not because you want all the attention but because you choose to be you. And in the process of becoming you, you discover an outlet to express your emotions and beliefs, it may be through the written word, through designing or through music.

Mayur Nandha, on the other hand, chooses to express himself in two creative forms of expression. Music is a way in which one may find his voice and art let a person speak his/her hidden emotions. What makes The Copycat different is that he does his stuff in a more spectacular and distinctive manner.

Whether it be his artwork which features on our t-shirts or his music on the internet. Everything he produces has a quirky and different feel to it which pretty difficult to express in words. His renditions include comfortable, cosmic cat and finding yourself. All three designs are proof of his different thought process and what a creative genius he is.

An alternate perspective:

“Things need not appear as one would expect” that’s what the Copycat believes and that is exactly what he represents. His art, music, and perspectives have all got an air of peculiarity around it. So since it is different from what we know and have seen, why not celebrate that fact? Celebrate the alternate perspective the Copycat brings to the table.

Creating his own unique style through which he is able to convey the same message as others but does in a much creative and proprietary manner. What’s amazing about his artwork is that one glance at the design or listen to the tune will immediately tell you that it was Copycat’s work. It is this unique factor that he has strived to perfect and has done it in leaps and bounds.

Converging Music and Art:

If you follow the copycat on Instagram, you would notice that his profile is much more vibrant than most of our imaginations. But what’s also amazing is his work with music and art. Using the music he creates and the art he designs he is able to convey a visual message along with a story.

His design and musical rendition named “Landscape for found organ” showcases a small boy, probably in his pyjamas playing the piano and is surrounded by organ pipes all over a purple landscape. Now the interpretation of this art can be done is many ways but I will not impose my thoughts onto you, check it out for yourself and see what you think the artist is trying to convey.

The Exquisite ArtBlot Designs:

Needless to say, his work on ArtBlot is unique and captivating at the same time. The Comfortable t-shirt is about headspaces. The rudimentary aspects of life that capture us and set us sailing smoothly down our mind-mazes becomes all too clear as you step out of the fog.

The Cosmic Cat, probably one of the unusual designs on the site is a graphic of a three-eyed cat walking through a portal into a world where it seems to be 10x bigger than all of reality. This Copycat’s art piece is worth being mulled over.

Finding Yourself, on the other hand, doesn’t require much pondering to find the meaning. Although finding your true self in life is a pretty hard task. The Copycat’s artistic rendition of finding oneself is of a girl flying on a device with a map in one hand. What makes the design unique and Copycat style is that the steering wheel for the device is on the opposite side of how the device is moving, or at least I think it is.

On the whole, the name Copycat is truly only an oxymoron because his work is at the peak of uniqueness and creativity.

CopyCat T-shirts