Anjali Hiriyana & Terracotta art


Imagine that you could make (or bake technically) an army today that you could bring to life in the afterlife. Sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what Qin Shi Huang thought in 210 BCE when he created 8000 soldiers, 130 chariots and 520 horses and kept them in three large pits. He believed that his “terracotta army” of 8000 soldiers would protect him in the afterlife.

The entire army was sculpted to perfection using Terracotta clay and remained in pristine shape when found in 1974 after 2100 years.

From the Chinese to Romans to ancient Indians terracotta art has captured the imagination of craftsmen across the ancient world. Terracotta art is believed to the first exhibition of creativity by humans using the elements of the earth. And somehow the mysticism of creating life with an element freely available to all has lit the imagination of a whole line of creative endeavors that today make up the interrelated sculpting artforms.

Apart from the rich history associated with the art form, Terracotta art has successfully managed to survive through time and maintain it’s authenticity all along the way. The efficiency, durability and cheap cost of production also attribute to the success and survival of terracotta. Anjali Hiriyana, a terracotta artist and illustrator and has long been obsessed with turning the ritualistic practice of the ancient artform and binding it forever with the psychedelic vibe. According to her, psychedelic art is a symbolic representation of those who decided to take the road less traveled, and what could be a road less travelled than the marriage between psychedelia and terracotta?

With vibrant, contrasting and bright hues psychedelic art is an immediate eye-catcher. The designs have no rules or bounds and Anjali is free to explore to her heart’s content. This is what makes her collaboration with ArtBlot such a special one. We think that her no rules and no boundaries art perfectly captures the scope of the brand, whereas today we see Anjali’s hand-drawn illustrations on men’s and women’s t-shirts, we believe that we’ve only just begun our exploration of the possibilities.