Nicoline and the rebirth of the surreal

Talking to Nicoline means you leave your preconceptions about art and norms at the door. When we first approached Nicoline Rodriguez, her first question was what we understood by art – and what resulted was a two hour long conversation into transcending expectations and challenging the obvious. To speak more about her art all one […]

CopyCat – Creating his own unique style

In a world filled with 7.7 billion people, how do you differentiate yourself? To differentiate yourself from the crowd you need to be someone no else is, but the challenge is discovering a personality that you’ve never seen or experienced. The challenge is to become you without letting the world influence your character. We often […]

Anjali Hiriyana & Terracotta art

Imagine that you could make (or bake technically) an army today that you could bring to life in the afterlife. Sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what Qin Shi Huang thought in 210 BCE when he created 8000 soldiers, 130 chariots and 520 horses and kept them in three large pits. He believed that […]

It’s Way Too Easy To Love BrodhaV

Not all artists have a paintbrush in their overalls or smudged paint on their faces. Some have music on their lips, and lyrics on their minds, all while they paint pretty pictures. Just like our t-shirts, Brodha V’s music has a way of touching the souls of people who are both traditional and modern. Bringing […]

Mandala World and Soul Stir Art

Art, as we know, has more to it than what meets the eye. An artist who paints the galaxy isn’t just illustrating the milky way and its stars. His rendition of the galaxy talks about the infinite space that exists beyond our world, dwelling deep into the ideologies of co-existence with time and space. The […]

Artblot Brand & Vision

Our Independent Premium Apparel “ArtBlot” started as a brand that looked forward to bringing the indie, the forgotten, the unseen, and the psychedelic to life. With what began in the second half of 2018, the brand has been primarily focused on identifying and collaborating with some of the most influential and unique minds in the art space. […]

The illustrative style of indie artists in 2019

It’s the middle of the millennium and monks sit in their candle-lit libraries and work from dawn to dusk meticulously hand-painting illustrations on papyrus. These works would take decades to complete and were considered a form of penance by medieval puritans. Cut scene to an artsy cafe in the year 2019 and you have quiet […]